• Rachel Rollins

Introducing... baby Bryce

Some sessions are so calm, quiet, and peaceful that they can leave you with very little to blog about. They go so smoothly that I can't joke about baby not liking me (Bryce was SO good to me) or pooping all over my props (not a single accident the whole session!). I can't share lots of little details about the family because Bryce was cooperating so well that I turned my gabber off and just let mama and daddy get some R&R on the couch while Bryce and I had a little cuddle fest. And OH DEER did we have fun!!! :)

Bryce's mama brought in this sweet deer outfit

No session is complete without the bear bonnet...

And then I HAD to ditch the bonnet to show off his amazing hair!

Definitely some of the best hair I've seen!

Got to do one of my favorite things... put a baby in a bucket, of course!

Mamas have been loving the neutrals lately!

He slept so well I was able to spend a lot of time on my macro shots! It's important to capture all of these little details because they don't stay this way for long...

And the final shot...

The process of taking Bryce's newborn photos went so well that it may not have left me with a ton to blog about, but the story of how Bryce's family went from 2 to 3 stole my heart. I don't know all of the details, but I DO know that Bryce's mama and daddy were asked to adopt him and they said yes! To the 2am feedings, the potty training, his 1st broken bone and the medical bills that come with it- they said YES! To walking beside him through his first broken heart, his first fender bender, his first flunked test- they said YES! Because they know what every parent knows- he is SO well worth it.

This is my hope for you, little Bryce- that you are secure in your identity and that you understand your worth. May this image be a reminder of the two sets of hands that reached out to lovingly support you, and may you never forget that before they even met you they said yes.




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