• Rachel Rollins

Introducing... baby Devon

So when you want to be a newborn photographer, you invest a decent chunk of change in newborn photography workshops. You watch a pro work their magic with sleepy, content, non-pooping babies. Everything looks perfect! "Wow!" you think, "This is going to be so easy!" ... Then you start your first newborn shoot- your backdrop is peed on the second you put the baby down. The baby wants to eat every 5 minutes. You just CANNOT get the baby to hold a pose. You're nearly in tears and wondering "Where are those workshop babies?!?!" Enter Devon...

Devon slept so well I got to experiment with the "womb pose"!

On top of his extreme sleepiness and his delicious looking cheeks, he even knew when to turn on the SMILES. He really was a DREAM!

And that, folks, is the face of someone who has just realized he is the center of mommy and daddy's universe.

That's all for now.




@2018 Rachel Rollins Photography