• Rachel Rollins

Introducing... Logan & Lucas

Do you agree with what some people say about twins? That they share a bond like no other because at one point in time they shared the same soul? When I look at this picture it seems to make perfect sense...

When your twin bro needs a little smooch on the nose to get him through the session...

Those two snuggly, snoozing sweeties are Logan (right) and Lucas (left)... here's a hint: you can tell them apart by their hair color! They are the second (yeah, SECOND) set of twins born in their family. Their older sisters (also twins) made this cute appearance at their session!

Their mama got their dresses from Target- they couldn't have been more perfect!

Do you notice a trend here? Two sets of twins- each set with a blondie and a brunette!

Logan was up first for the individual pictures- he slept like a dream...

And then it was Lucas' turn- he took a bit more convincing, but was equally adorable...

And then when I thought the session couldn't get any cuter, we put them together...

This is one of my favorite newborn pictures that I've taken to date!

And lastly, mommy and daddy's turn:

What a bunch of superheroes, huh? Two year old twins AND newborn twins, they showed up ON TIME to their session, Mama was looking FIERCE, and their little girls were *SO* well behaved. How do I nominate them for parents of the year!?




@2018 Rachel Rollins Photography